Sunday, 15 September 2013

Steak sandwich my way

Everyone has their way of doing a curry, baiting a hook and driving a manual car. And the same can be said for making a steak sandwich. Alan and I had these for lunch today, and they were fantastic. Perfect spring-time Sunday lunch fare. Washed down with a cold beer while sitting out by the pool. Work tomorrow seems a lifetime away.

Now, I split the buns in half and toast them under the griller, then melt cheese on one of them. I think of this as SSS#1 (Steak Sandwich Secret Number One).

SSS#2 is the caramelised onion. Peel about three onions, cut in half, and finely slice. Heat butter and oil in a frypan, and add the onion. When it's really soft, add a tablespoon of brown sugar and a good splash of balsamic vinegar. Cook it up until it caramelises.

SSS#3 is avocado. No need to muck around with it. Simply take the other half of your bun, spread it with fresh mashed avo.

Get minute steak, or schnitzel, and cook in the same frypan as the onion for a minute each side. Less really, if it looks like it is ok.

Drain the steak on paper towel, then place it on top of the avo, add some lettuce mix (ours had spinach, mesculin, carrot and beetroot) and finely sliced tomato (again drained on paper towel) then a dirty great heap of the onion. Salt and pepper, then top with the melted cheese part of the bun.

And open a beer.

Happy Sunday xo