Monday, 22 September 2014

Muesli blinis

Those of you who I see all the time will know that Alan and I have been quite dedicated to losing a bit of weight this year, as well as getting a bit fitter. It's been a no-brainer exercise (pun intended). We simply to eat and drink less (and seriously, you don't need wine seven nights a week) and work with a personal trainer to develop some fitness. 

And the results are speaking for themselves. I'm down two sizes in clothes, and three for Alan. Good thing we never threw out our "thin" clothes so no need to hold our pants up with rope! One of the things I did, though, is instead of putting aside my love affair with creation in the kitchen, I just stopped making things that needed creme fraiche and coconut cream and lots of oil. I bought some Weight Watchers recipe books (don't laugh, they are pretty good), cut out processed carbs like pasta and bread, and I bow down before the God of the Nutribullet each morning.

The reason I'm telling you all this, is that I'm still going to post gorgeous recipes that no doubt have a high fat content but who cares because they're so bloody good and it won't kill you as long as you don't eat it everyday. But I'm also going to post some of the low-fat delights I've found along this journey. 

This one comes from the "I Quit Sugar" site. Great canapes for your dinner party. Just take care that you do the right thing after you've cooked them. Smothering them in sour cream is fantastic, but the wiser option might be slices of smoked salmon with that gorgeous salty black caviar stuff from Holland House that you get in Woolies for $5 a jar. 


1 cup muesli (I use Carmen's or that organic stuff you get at the Farmers Market)
1 cup Greek yoghurt (no need to go low-fat here)
2 eggs
salt and pepper to taste


Using a food processor, grind the muesli to a course flour like consistency.

Pour into a bowl and combine with Greek yoghurt, eggs and salt and pepper.

Drop a tablespoon of batter onto a non stick pan until small bubbles appear, turn to briefly cook the other side. You may want to give your pan a quick spray of oil.

Other topping options are ham and avocado, or cottage cheese and tomato slices.