Saturday, 27 September 2014

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

We had a bit of a big one last night. You know that saying, "you never need that last glass of wine"? It's true. Really though, it's more like the last three glasses, but anyway...

This morning called for a sleep-in, some Panadol and eggs. These were pretty good, so I thought I'd whack the recipe up before I head back to bed with a cup of tea and the papers. 

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are xo 


Serves 4 (or 2 if you're super hungry/hungover)

1 tablespoon or so of butter
8 stalks asparagus, woody bottoms removed, sliced longways
Salt and black pepper to taste
8 eggs
A splash of milk (or cream, if you're game)
¼ cup crumbled goat cheese
200g smoked salmon, chopped
Toast, to serve


Heat the butter in a nonstick pan over medium heat. When the butter begins to foam, add the asparagus and cook until just tender. Season with salt and pepper.

Crack the eggs into a large bowl and whisk with the milk/cream. Season with a few pinches of salt and pepper and add to the pan with the asparagus. Turn the heat down to low and use a wooden spoon to constantly stir and scrape the eggs until they begin to form soft curds.

Just as they are starting to firm up, stir in the goat cheese and get it off the heat. Eggs keep cooking even after you've turned the heat off so don't wait too long.

Fold in the smoked salmon and spoon over hot buttery toast. Eat, then go back to bed.