Saturday, 4 August 2018

Soba noodles with tofu & miso dressing

To me, this dish is like that pathetic friend we all had one of at school, where they'd do anything for you just to hang with your group. They'd buy you your lunch, give you their lunch, carry your bag and feed you compliments, as long as they were with your group. To paraphrase Selina Meyer, they'd be happy if you shot them in the face. That's the best analogy I can give you about this.

It's not quite a salad, yet you could have it as a stand-alone meal. It's not quite a side, but you could put it with some rare roast beef and some steamed greens. Or slice some salmon sashimi and plonk this on top. You can have it cold straight from the fridge, or warm it up a bit. Take it to work for lunch and if you get a better offer, it will still be happy to see you the next day. 

It takes longer to poo than it does to make this, that's if you take your phone in with you. For fuck's sake, the directions only have two steps! Enjoy, it's nice to be back xo


270g dried soba noodles (that whole packet of three)
2/3 cup frozen peas (I used edamame as well)
150g snow peas, halved diagonally
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup white miso paste
1 tbs horseradish cream
¼ cup rice bran oil
2 cups firmly packed rocket
1 carrot, coarsely grated
3 spring onions, thinly sliced diagonally
200g packet Japanese marinated firm tofu, cut into thick strips (get this from Woolies)
some dried nori, shredded


Cook noodles in boiling water according to packet instructions, adding peas and snow peas for the last minute of cooking time. Drain. Refresh under cold water. Drain.

Meanwhile, whisk juice, miso, horseradish, 1 tbs water and oil in a large bowl until combined. Add noodles, peas, rocket, carrot and onions and toss to coat. Serve salad topped with tofu and scattered with nori.

(I keep forgetting to take a pic of mine so this is the one from the Woolies website, where I found this recipe. Mine looks a lot sloppier than this pic, so if yours does too, don't worry.)